Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reader's Theater: A Fun Way to Tell a Story and Practice Fluency

I love the theater!! Growing up outside of New York City my aunt would take me to Sunday Broadway matinees every once and awhile and I would dance and sing all the way home. My dream was to become an actress on Broadway but I have to say that being an elementary school teacher gave me so many opportunities to act out all the books I read my students and even create some fun plays and chants for my students. Although Reader's Theater is a reading activity, students are encouraged to act out the part as if they were the character in the story. Using gestures and intonation is also a way of knowing that a student understands the meaning of the words that his or her character is saying. It is also a great strategy for
building fluency as it is an activity that incorporates repeated practice. I hope you will check out this article on Reader's theater and check out all the great resources for finding scripts and using them in your classroom.
BTW, I was a guest blogger for my wonderful friend Jessica Stanford over at Mrs.Stanford's Class. Hope you will check it out and learn more about me.

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