Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February is for Fun, Free Poetry!

Have you tried having your students write a "How to Be...." Poem? February is a great month for writing them because we read lots of books about animals, especially groundhogs, and teach about animals in winter. It's simple to do. Start with your Read Aloud.
Before reading give each student a copy of the note taking sheet below. While you are reading, students can write facts or verbs they hear. After reading, students can share their facts and make a class list on the board.
Then circle the verbs and create 6 phrases starting with each verb about the animal. Here is an example below:
Now students can use the sheet below to write their own about other animals. How fun to share them and put them in a class poetry book.
If you click on the "How to be a Skunk" Poem above you can download your free copy of "Writing a How to Be ...Poem" described above.

February is a fun month full of so many holidays. I loved creating poems for Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, Presidents Day and Black History month and added this "How to Be..." Poem to  to my "Fluttering Through February with Poems" Packet.  It includes 6 poems, a fun Mini Poem Book, "Valentine, valentine, What do you see?", and Writing activities to teach students about these February holidays. Just click on the image below to download the preview file and you may find another free poem when you do.

Freebie Fridays

Hope it's a fun February for everyone. Thanks for all you do to male a difference for your students.

What kinds of poems do your students enjoy?

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