Saturday, October 12, 2013

October is for Poems, Popcorn, Rainbows, and Freebies

October is a great month. It really starts to feel like fall. Did you know that October is National Popcorn Popping Month? Believe it or not January 19th is National Popcorn Day. There are so many fun things to do with popcorn. If you are looking for some fun Read Aloud Books about Popcorn just click on the picture below. 

If you are looking for some free Language and Math worksheets for grades 1-6 then just click on the picture below.
I just uploaded a K-1 thematic unit called, "It's Popcorn Time" with a Shared Reading book called "Popcorn, Popcorn, What Do You See? , 2 Emergent Reading Books and 1 Emergent Level Reading Books, Literacy Center Activities, a Song and Chant about Popcorn, and a "My Popcorn Book" Writing Activity. How fun to write a book shaped like a popcorn!

There is a Word Wall, Picture/Word Cards, Differentiated Literacy and Writing Activities. If you would like to check out my unit just click on the picture below. Be sure to download the Preview to see all the materials and activities and get a free activity. This unit is perfect for any time of the year, not just for October. 
Here's a popping good freebie for all my viewers and followers. It's a Make and Take Book called "Where's the Popcorn?" with CVC words and the prepositions "In" and "On". Hope your students enjoy it. Just click on the picture below to get your freebie.

In case you would like more October Poetry you can check out my October Poetry Unit by clicking HERE. It is all new and revised. When you download the Preview you will see sample pages of all the poems and many of the activities and materials in this packet.

And last but not least Rainbows. Yes rainbows. I added one more Pumpkin product just for K-1 called "The Rainbow Pumpkin Patch." It's all about learning the colors of the rainbow.
Here are samples of the Guided Reading Books.
There are 2 Differentiated Plays:
Also included is a Word Wall, Picture/Word Cards and Literacy Activities.
 It was a lot of fun making this and hope you will check it out by downloading the Preview File to see all the materials and activities in this packet.  Just click on the picture below.
Here's a free Make and Take book called "A Rainbow of Colorful Pumpkins"
 You can download this freebie by clicking on the picture below. 
Here's are some great new Pinterest boards to follow.

Hope you have a Popping Good October! Hope you enjoy all the freebies. Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

What other fun activities do you do with popcorn?

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  1. Lovely blog and idea for school teachers

  2. What a lot of great ideas! Thanks for sharing. My class is a bit too old for most of them, but I'm sending a link to your post to the kindergarten and grade one teachers in my school.
    Always Primary

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm so happy that you are sharing my post with other grade level teachers at your school.

  3. I love all the poems and freebies! My class researched popcorn and how it was made! We did this around November as we talk about Native Americans and growing crops. Connecting food to any lesson is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I truly appreciate your feedback and so happy that you and your students will enjoy my poems and activities.