Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Snow, Let's Go!": A Free Fun Snow Poem to Get Your Class Excited About Snow!

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With the Thanksgiving Holiday over and Winter on the way I wanted to share a new Snow Poem with all of my wonderful followers and viewers. As most of you know I love creating and writing poems. Some of you may have already seen some snow but we all know that kids love snow. This poem is part of my new Snow Poetry Unit for 1st and 2nd grade and is aligned with CCSS.  I had so much fun creating this packet and after you download your freebie by clicking on the image above I hope you will check out my poetry unit by clicking on the image below which is just part of what you will find in my unit. You can preview the whole packet when you download the preview at my store.

How often do you teach poems in your classroom?


  1. We began teaching poetry for almost a complete 6 weeks period last year. My district in Texas is using CScope as its curriculum and it's now in our curriculum. I think for first graders it's a little too soon. Maybe placed in the 5th or 6th six weeks when they have a little more reading under their belts.
    What do you think? Feel free to express yourself! (always wanted to say that!) :) SandyMac

    1. Thanks for your comments. I think it depends on the reading levels of your students. When I taught in Title I first graders weren't ready at this time of year, but my grandson was in 1st last year and would probably have been. What I like most about poetry is that it is a group activity and struggling readers feel safe to take risks. If you add actions to the poem they are able to participate as well. I think you just need to know your students.