Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Writing Activities and Free Activity Packet

Spring Break is here and I'm taking a break too from blogging and creating materials. Before I do I wanted to spread some spring cheer. Spring has definitely come to Tallahassee. The trees are in full bloom, bushes are blossoming with flowers, and the grass is turning green. It is the perfect time to get students writing about Spring. There are so many wonderful vocabulary words associated with the season of spring. The more vocabulary words your students know, the more words they will be able to use in their writing.

I have revised and updated my "Spring Edition of Making Sentences with Sentence Frames" to include a Word Wall of Spring Verbs like the ones below:
I have also updated my picture/word cards.
Students will engage in whole class activities to demonstrate their understanding of what a sentence is and isn't, and learn the parts of a sentence using sentence frames.
I like to make sets of the cards above to give to each student. Then, when I hold up different cards with sentence parts, they can hold up the card that describes the part of the sentence. It is a great way to get 100% class participation and informally access your students' understanding of the parts of the sentence.
Once they have demonstrated their understanding, they can work in centers making sentences with sentence frame parts that are color coded and cut into parts.
You can see sample pages of all the activities in this packet by clicking on the picture below and downloading the Preview file. 
Although it is designed for students in Grades 1-2, I have had several kindergarten teachers who have left feedback that they will be using it with their Kindergartners. I was so excited to get feedback from ESL teachers who loved the way the activities were scaffolded to help build on previous knowledge and practice. 

To go along with this writing packet I created a free Spring Writing Activities Packet. Just click on the image below to get your free packet. There are 3 different activities such as labeling the pictures and writing sentences and 2 different photos to write about.

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Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students. I hope Spring has sprung where you live and we can leave that long cold winter behind us.

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  1. Happy Spring break!!!!!! The weather is warming up in Wisconsin, too!

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