Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making Sentences with Sentence Frames for St. Patrick's Day

I have had such great feedback on my Making Sentences with Sentence Frames products that I just revised my St. Patrick's Day Edition with adding lots of extra activities. I have talked about the importance of using themes to help students write sentences basically because they have lots of words in their word bank to help them. Themes give students more time to read, write, say and use the target vocabulary many times. This is especially important for ESL students and struggling students.

The first thing I did was to add Picture/Word Cards to give students more practice with the vocabulary words. There are both color and B/W sets.
I also added Word Wall words that are verbs which they will need to use to write their sentences. To make sure your students understand the words have them act them out. For the verb "wear" ask them what they are wearing today.
I also added a chart about what sentences are and examples of sentences and phrases to use in a whole class activity to access your students' understanding of a sentence.
I also added new Sentence frames to use the concept of a train for the different parts of the sentence.

Students will use the different 3 or 4 frame sentence cards that are cut to make sentences. Then they will write them on their recording sheet. I added more "Unscramble Sentences and Illustrate" them for the center activities. Finally they will write sentences independently to assess their understanding of a sentence and how to write one.
You can see all the materials and activities by downloading the Preview file. Just click on the picture below.
There are 2 free "Unscramble and Illustrate the Sentence" activities with the preview file like the one below.
I also have a free St. Patrick's Day "Roll the Die and Read" to go along with this packet to give your students more practice with reading sentences and practicing the vocabulary words. Just click on the picture below to download your free packet.
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Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students. Don't forget to wear green on March 17th.

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