Sunday, February 24, 2013

March Poetry Time: Let's Write a Holiday Poem

February is such a short month and goes by way to fast. With March right around the corner I think it's time for some March poems. March is full of so many events and holidays. Did you know that March 14th is National Potato Chip Day? Why not learn a new poem and eat potato chips too! In my new "Meandering Through March with Poems" you will find my fun poem: "Potato Chip, Potato Chip What do you see? There's also a Make and Take Mini Book  to go with the poem that your students will love to read over and over again. Here's a small sample:

You will also find a fun Chant about Basketball to celebrate the NCAA March Basketball Tournament or otherwise known as "March Madness."  There is my "March is...." poem that includes all the march events and celebrations including the familiar Lion and Lamb saying about March weather. There are 8 original poems and Anchor charts to help your students write 3 different poetry forms. You can check out all the poems and writing activities by clicking on the picture below. By downloading the Preview you will get a free poem and March Class Writing Book cover.

Would you like your students to learn how to write a "Holiday Poem?" It's really quite easy. A Holiday poem has only 7 lines- the first and last line name the holiday. Here are the directions:

Just have your students think about the 5 senses - what they see, smell, hear, taste and touch on any holiday.  Here is a sample of my Easter one:

If you would like the directions and the Easter Holiday poem just click on the Easter Holiday Poem above to download your free copy. Your students can write a Holiday Poem during each month of the school year. Hope you love poetry as much as I do. Hope March doesn't come in like a Lion where you live. Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.
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