Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vocabulary Matters: Part 5: Strategies for Independent Reading Grades 2+

Last week we focused on "When to teach the Targeted Words" and "How many words to target during the Read Aloud and Independent Reading."  (Click HERE  if you missed it.)  This week I am focusing on Strategies for Independent Reading Texts for Grades 2+.  (click on the image below to download your Strategies for Independent Reading Document which includes all the images below)
The picture above reviews Part 4 - Pre-Reading Strategies. However for those of you with struggling readers or ESL students you may want to add the following graphic organizers to give them more practice with word engagement. 
  Word /Concept Maps

Vocabulary Word Webs
You can make copies of these for your students so that they can refer to them when they are reading their texts. Then use the After Reading Strategies to help develop In-Depth Knowledge of  targeted words.

It is very important to provide instructional activities after reading the text to get your students involved in using and thinking about the words and their meanings.  There are several different activities to choose from depending on the ability level of your students. When doing whole class activities I like to make sure that I can informally assess all of my students so I like to do "thumbs up" or "Thumbs down" with True/False Questions.  You can also use my "Whole Group Participation Cards" which you can download for free by clicking HERE.  You can use a Multiple Choice Quiz or Cloze Activity as a  formal assessment.  In case you missed any of the 1st 4 Parts you can click below:

I hope this was helpful and found a strategy that you will try with your students. Hope you will visit again next week for Part 6. Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

Which of these strategies will you incorporate in your vocabulary instruction?

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